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Hoop33 Academy (Ages 14+)

Training Academy (OLD)

Training Academy

Not everyone gets a scholarship, or becomes a professional athlete, however there are multiple ways to be successful in life, and we believe Basketball is the perfect teacher of dedication, work ethic, team-play, leadership and building confident, skilled people.


Our training academy officially starts at 14yrs+

Our Hoop33 Player Academy is designed as a Basketball Athlete support tool with a heavy focus on individual player development. It is created and delivered with the primary goal in mind of developing athletes in the longer term both on and off the court in a way that fits and supplements the demands and commitments of their School / Club / Professional teams.

Membership 2: Hoop33 Academy (Ages 14+)
  • Hoop33 Academy
  • $ 50 PER WEEK
    • 24/7 Gym & Court Access
    • Academy workouts, Individual Trainings, Film
    • Mentorship
    • Gym Guided Training Program
    • Free access to Basketball Runs
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  • We make sure they are playing and training in settings that will help their game, improve their confidence, challenge them towards building resilience, drive and the will to win…. helping them navigate the complexity of being an athlete and being someone who wants to win in life.
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Starting one of our programs is a commitment to yourself which we want to support and guide you through as much as we can and our trainers are committed to being there with you as you go.